"They laughed at me and said that I, Dr. Nothing, would amount to nothing! Well look who's nothing now! Ha! Hahahaha! Ha*cough* *hack* ugghh. Nothing can stop me! I can do nothing with my Nothing Ray! You hear me? Nothing!"

by Rene Antunes and James Beninger for Ludum Dare 45.

Install instructions

We recommend running the Windows or Mac version, as some effects are not present on the web version.

Mac Users: If you get an "Unable to find game!!!" error, move this file to your desktop. Seems to be a common GameMaker 2 problem and we'd love to hear a solution.


NothingEverything-win.zip 3 MB
NothingEverything-Mac.zip 5 MB


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That was really fun, and it was a novel concept. Good work!

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very epic game

Very cool


Please play our beautiful disaster.